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class  DataCollectorProxy


void * runDataCollectorThread1 (void *ptr)
void * runDataCollectorThread2 (void *ptr)
void * runDataCollectorThread3 (void *ptr)
VisionOperatorDataCollector_factory (std::string name)


DataCollectorProxy p_imagewriter

Function Documentation

VisionOperator* DataCollector_factory ( std::string  name  ) 

Definition at line 240 of file DataCollector.cpp.

Referenced by DataCollectorProxy::DataCollectorProxy().

void* runDataCollectorThread1 ( void *  ptr  ) 

Definition at line 219 of file DataCollector.cpp.

References DataCollector::fileWriterThread1().

Referenced by DataCollector::initOperator().

void* runDataCollectorThread2 ( void *  ptr  ) 

Definition at line 226 of file DataCollector.cpp.

References DataCollector::fileWriterThread2().

Referenced by DataCollector::initOperator().

void* runDataCollectorThread3 ( void *  ptr  ) 

Definition at line 233 of file DataCollector.cpp.

References DataCollector::fileWriterThread3().

Referenced by DataCollector::initOperator().

Variable Documentation

DataCollectorProxy p_imagewriter

Definition at line 251 of file DataCollector.cpp.

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