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Base class for the detector object.

A "detector" is not necessarily a full detection algorithm; it may just be a constraint checker. So this takes in some list of regions with probabilities that there is a face-- to the best knowledge of the previous filter. So initially we'll have every region in the image with probability 1, and will cut that down in each stage based on the detector/constraint set.

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Public Member Functions

virtual ObjectDetector (std::string operatorName)=0
virtual ~ObjectDetector ()=0
virtual std::vector< ProbabilityRegionfilterRegions (std::vector< ProbabilityRegion > &regions, RoleImage *image)=0
 This function will take in a vector of possible image regions and check for possible target objects.
std::vector< RobotObjects::RobotObject * > * getConsumers ()

Private Attributes

std::string m_operatorName
std::vector< RobotObjects::RobotObject * > m_consumers

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ObjectDetector ( std::string  operatorName  )  [explicit, pure virtual]

virtual ~ObjectDetector (  )  [pure virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::vector<ProbabilityRegion> filterRegions ( std::vector< ProbabilityRegion > &  regions,
RoleImage *  image 
) [pure virtual]

This function will take in a vector of possible image regions and check for possible target objects.

Note that a probability of 1 does not mean there is definitely a face there-- it just means that there could be a face in a region, as best as this detector can tell. We don't expect to have a reasonable value until late in the chain when we run real detectors rather than constraints.

std::vector<RobotObjects::RobotObject *>* getConsumers (  )  [inline]

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References ObjectDetector::m_consumers.

Member Data Documentation

std::string m_operatorName [private]

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std::vector<RobotObjects::RobotObject *> m_consumers [private]

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Referenced by ObjectDetector::getConsumers().

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